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Wolfgang ExecutiveHow exactly can a recruiter ensure success in a candidate market where specialized skills are at a premium and competition for them is fierce?

In a job market where the annual unemployment levels fluctuate, a recruiter needs to be especially adept at identifying market conditions and factors which may influence candidates to move into different jobs or to remain in their present employment. Mergers, acquisitions, restructuring, downsizings and other forms of market contraction or expansion become telling factors for those professionals capable of interpreting them. Manny and his team of professionals have developed the intelligence resources and the network necessary to compile, interpret and act on the basis of these factors. We ensure success by doing our "homework". It is our job to know!

How We Profile Candidates for Our Clients

A Sampling....Please Contact Manny for a more comprehensive list

Skill: Business Acumen

Defined: Knows and understands implications of current and future policies, practices, trends, and information affecting the business and organization. Knows the competition. Is aware and sensitive to how internal strategies and tactics play in the marketplace.


  • "What do you see as unique in this market and what impact does it have on your industry? On your company?"
  • "How far in advance do you usually know the details of competitors' new products?"
  • "How do you learn about them? How have you used the information? Give an example."
  • "What events or other factors occurring outside your organization do you anticipate will affect your business in the next: year? Five years? How have you prepared for them?"

Skill: Resourcefulness

Defined: Deals creatively and promptly with new situations and difficulties. Prolific in devising ways and means to achieve desired results. Optimizes available resources to achieve the best possible results consistent with company objectives.


  • "Can you give me an example of a project that you completed when everything seemed to go wrong? How did you deal with the situation? How did it turn out?"
  • "Have you ever been given a turn-around assignment in which you were called upon to solve a problem that someone else was unable to solve? Explain how you did?"

"Tell me about a time when your plans were foiled at the last minute and you had to come up with an alternative solution that would cover the situation at least temporarily. How did you do it? What resources did you utilize and how was it perceived?"

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